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Message From Our CEO

Moses Kavuma K. | Chief Scientific Officer


Our products are of the highest quality – they are all made from natural ingredients not synthetics; they are in liquid, powder and pill forms to give you maximum absorption and a flexible approach to your nutritional needs allowing you to adjust your intake depending upon your current nutritional needs or health condition.


I personally take Alpha Natural Support supplements every day and since I want nothing but the best for our clients and myself, this drives me to engage and keep busy our research and development team to create the most natural supplements with high absorption, carefully purified to eliminate any toxins and contaminants which maximizes the quality and efficacy of our Nutritional Supplements.


Alpha Natural Support is the end result of years of dissatisfaction with nutritional supplements that are sold to the public without any care for the end-user. Many companies sell products that are only absorbed around 20-25% and some that are not absorbed at all. This is not only bad for the customers’ health, but also a waste of their money.

It is all about ‘Absorption’ and the ability of supplements to enter the blood cells. “If they cannot enter your blood cells then you are throwing your money away!

Together with the dedicated and dynamic staff at Alpha Natural Support, and our USA partners who are committed to developing safe and proven food supplements, we welcome you to a new dawn of highly credentialed wide range of ALPHA Natural Support health Products exploring and harnessing the power of nutrition giving long lasting solutions to people's nutritional inadequacies and improve the quality of Life. 

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Company Message

Alpha Natural Support is a health and wellness company committed to sourcing unique, innovative and premium nutritional supplements and also offer nutritional and wellness health coaching and consultancy to our clients. It was founded in 2013.

Our motto: Improving lives, Growing Africa.

Today, our company is a recognized brand that has built partnerships with healthcare professionals and is trusted by different people. It has grown into one of the nation’s best innovative nutraceutical based company as each product is well researched and then launched between the consumers. Every person at Alpha Natural Support steps in to create the healthy world by doing innovative research and customization on nutrients.

Our products are of the highest quality – they are all made from natural ingredients not synthetics; they are in liquid, powder and pills form, allowing you to adjust your intake depending upon your current nutritional needs or health condition. All our products are manufactured in the USA in facilities which follow FDA guidelines and conduct strict compliance with cGMP requirements for food and nutritional products.

Purity and Efficacy are the guiding principles when producing our nutritional Supplements


Meet some of the team members that make our company Great.

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Kwagala Asumin K.

Head of Customer Relations/Nutritionist 

On behalf of our Customer Care team, I take this opportunity to thank all our customers, those who have been with us over the years. Your support has surely energized us as we commit to bringing you the best supplement available.

Alpha Natural Support has a fast growing range of products because here we believe in bio individuality, that everyone is different. And though we have grown bigger, we still try to think small – think about growing our business one customer at a time.

Our products offer a higher purity, much better absorption and our customers have always been very happy with the quality. It's all part of our determination to have supplements worthy of the people closest to us – our parents, siblings, children, friends and neighbours as well as our valued customers and trusted industry partners.

ALPHA is a brand I trust to deliver a quality product.

Kwagala Asumini
Head Relations | Alpha Natural Support


Jonathan Bwakara K.

Head of Sales/Nutritionist

Personally I thank the CEO (Dr. Moses Kavuma) for having given me the opportunity to work with Alpha Natural Support Limited. It’s a privilege to work with a company that has good and trusted products by all doctors.

My experience of about 4 years working with Alpha Natural Support has always been positive from the day I joined; we have always received good reviews from our clients about the effectiveness of our products and as a health worker that is the experience you want to have every day from your patients.

I strongly believe that this is the leading nutritional products company in Africa that has played a big role in transforming our lives to the next level. You can change your life with Alpha Natural Support.

Head of Sales | Alpha Natural Support

Byamugisha Joseph (2).JPG

Byamugisha Joseph

Head of Finance/Nutritionist

Nine years in and Alpha Natural Support has contributed to a nutraceutical revolution in the country. Along the way, we have sourced professional grade supplements that are now the most trusted among doctors and healthcare professionals.

All our health products are manufactured in FDA certified, GMP Certified Facilities in the United States. And each product is third party tested through many rounds of quality tests and assays throughout the manufacturing process to verify purity, quality and full potency.

We remain very committed to growing our business and have plans to double our bottom line as we expand in the region, but not compromising on our core values of quality and efficacy. And in these trying pandemic times, our mission has become even more critical as our dedicated team strives to provide quality, effective, efficient and client-focused products and services.

In the months and years ahead, ALPHA’s commitment to the innovation of new products will continue and we look forward to taking on this journey with you.

Byamugisha Joseph
Head of Finance | Alpha Natural Support

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